Mark Hamill Cringes Every Time He Sees Popular Luke Skywalker Meme

Mark Hamill addressed a popular Luke Skywalker meme from Star Wars: A New Hope showing the young Jedi pointing his lightsaber directly at his face.

Mark Hamill addressed a popular Luke Skywalker meme from the set of Star Wars: A New Hope that shows the young Jedi pointing his lightsaber directly at his face. Hamill appeared in Star Wars episodes 4-9 as Luke Skywalker and recently reprised the role in the season 2 finale of The Mandalorian for a controversial digitally de-aged cameo. Other than playing Luke Skywalker, Hamill is also known as a prolific voice actor for portraying the Joker in various animated DC television shows and video games.

Just last week, Hamill explained another image taken on the set of the original Star Wars movie. A Twitter user asked Hamill whose birthday was being celebrated in a photo showing Hamill, Alec Guinness, George Lucas, and Gary Kurtz raising styrofoam cups around a birthday cake. Hamill responded and explained that, while shooting on location in Tunisia-North Africa, they were toasting with warm champagne to Alec Guinness’s 62nd birthday. Hamill also provided the exact date the photo was taken, April 2, 1976.

Now, Hamill is responding to another photo from the set of A New Hope taken moments after Obi-Wan gives Luke his father’s blue lightsaber. The now-popular meme shows Luke examining the lightsaber by pointing it directly at his face. Hamill responded to the meme on Twitter saying, “This makes me cringe every time I see it” because he did not actually do it in the movie. Instead, it is “just an on-set production still,” Hamill explains.

The question of whether or not this photo is taken directly from the movie or is just a production still has been raised by Hamill before, but now there seems to be some closure from the actor. Hamill says, “I don’t remember doing this in the movie” and many fans on Twitter can corroborate the fact that the meme is a set photo and does not actually appear in the film. This seems to be enough to put an end to the debate, though it does not stop Hamill from cringing “every time” he sees the meme.

The fact that the image persists as a popular meme seems to be unsettling for Hamill, but the set photo is not at all out of character for Luke. At the time Obi-Wan gave him his father’s lightsaber, Luke was still a moisture farmer on Tatooine and wholly unfamiliar with Jedi weapons. While the photo is not actually from A New Hope, it still makes for an amusing meme.